Essential Workers
Topic Target Metric Description 2019 2020 2030 Goal
Essential Workers Health & Safety Health & Safety Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), a measure of accidents and injuries compared to hours worked 6.18 5.79 4.0
Engagement Total employee turnover, including voluntary and involuntary turnover as a percentage of total workforce 36% 31% 25%
Materials Management
Topic Target Metric Description 2019 2020 2030 Goal
Materials Management Resource Solutions Tons of solid waste materials that we reduce, reuse, or recycle through our operations or with third parties in collaboration with our customers 1,053,114 1,220,671 2,000,000
Renewable Energy Renewable energy production, including landfill gas, solar, and other forms of energy from Casella-owned and partner facilities, in MMBTU. 733,560 787,927 1,467,000
Sustainable Operations
Topic Target Metric Description 2019 2020 2030 Goal
Sustainable Operations Environmental Compliance Number of environmental compliance sanctions including notices of violation, enforcement orders, and notices of non-compliance/deficiencies. 15 9 8
Fuel Efficiency Gigajoules (GJ) of fuel consumed per ton of waste and recycling collected. 0.495 0.464  
Percentage below 2019 baseline 0% 6% 20%
Climate Leadership
Topic Target Metric Description 2019 2020 2030 Goal
Climate Leadership GHG Emissions Metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions from scopes 1 and 2 587,0951 568,9972  
Scope 1 582,5331 564,186  
Scope 2 4,562 4,812  
Biogenic CO2 (Metric tons)3   185,208  
Percentage below 2010 baseline 33% 35% 40%
Net Climate Benefit GHG benefit of recycling (Metric tons of CO2e) 1,662,000 1,422,0004  
GHG benefit of renewable energy production 19,000 21,000  
GHG benefit of carbon sequestration 419,000 406,000  
Net Climate Benefit Factor:
the sum of the GHG emission benefits of our recycling, renewable energy, and carbon sequestration activities, divided by our Scope 1 and 2 emissions
3.65 3.2 5.0
Community Engagement
Topic Target Metric Description 2019 2020 2030 Goal
Community Engagement Community Giving Charitable donations, in-kind services, and local community sponsorships, in U.S. dollars. $1.18 Million estimated $1.1 Million6 $2 Million
Employee Volunteering Employee volunteer hours   Tracking began in 2021 Target to be announced in 2022

Scorecard Footnotes

1The company has restated its 2019 Scope 1 CO2e emissions to reflect a correction to that calculation. The original reported value for Scope 1 was 710,667 metric tons of CO2e.

2The company’s GHG inventory for 2020 has been independently verified according to the standards required for a limited level of assurance.

3For 2020, the company has added the disclosure of biogenic CO2 from the combustion of biomass materials, primarily landfill biogas.

4This accounting does not currently include organics and industrial recycling, but will be revised to include these materials as factors become available in future reporting years.

5The 2019 net climate benefit factor has been revised due to the change noted in Footnote 1.

6This value includes $140,000.00 of in-kind donations of COVID PPE.