Employee Spotlights

For more than forty years, we have cultivated a culture of never-ending learning and career growth for our people – seeking to find, engage, develop, and advance our strong and thriving team. Investing in our people creates an engaged and productive team environment leading to outstanding customer satisfaction and business growth."  — John W. Casella

Warren Keough headshot
Warren Keough

With hands-on experience from a variety positions at our Rutland, VT recycling facility, Warren Keough is advancing his career through our Operations Training Program. Warren’s commitment to continuous improvement is seen in his pursuit of higher education from an associate degree to his recent MBA with the support and encouragement of Casella’s leadership team.

Rachel Washburn Headshot
Rachel Washburn

Building on her foundation in Customer Service, Rachel Washburn has advanced in her career with Casella to become our Director of Industrial Solutions. Rachel loves working in an industry where she can learn something new every day and is able to help others achieve their goals.

Luke Molaski headshot
Luke Molaski

Luke Molaski, a team-oriented driver based in Rutland, VT with six years of experience, earned the 2019 Driver of the Year Award for the Western Region. Luke is inspired by his customers, especially the kids who get excited to see his truck coming down the road.

Jose "Gaby" Aponte Torres headshot
Jose "Gaby" Aponte Torres

Joining Casella in 2007 as a Sorter at the Auburn MA Recycling Facility, Jose "Gaby" Aponte Torres found his calling as a Maintenance Supervisor. He is grateful for the supportive learning environment at Casella, and the opportunity to learn many different jobs and become a supervisor. Gaby is motivated by his hardworking team and the dedication of Casella’s leaders.

Julia Potter Headshot
Julia Potter

Julia Potter joined Casella in 2012 looking to repurpose her retail customer service skills as a dispatcher in our Geneva, NY division. Julia’s commitment to continuous learning opened a new career opportunity as a companywide Operations Support Manager. Julia has found Casella to be a company that truly invests in their people and encourages professional growth and development.

Kneath Warrington headshot
Kneath Warrington

Kneath Warrington discovered Casella through our Military Hiring Program and excelled in our Operations Training Program. He holds a M.S. in Operations and Project Management and is pursuing a Doctorate in Finance. He was recently promoted to Region Project Manager. Kneath also serves in the U.S. Army and draws inspiration from the pride and dedication of the Casella team.

Melonda "Lonnie" O'Brien headshot
Melonda "Lonnie" O'Brien

Melonda "Lonnie" O'Brien began her career with Casella as a dispatcher and advanced to become a General Manager. This summer Lonnie and her team transformed the front section of their Oneonta, NY facility into a community garden using recycled materials and local compost.

Felix Vega headshot
Felix Vega

Felix Vega, a Heavy Equipment Operator with our Auburn, MA division, has been with Casella since 2007. He enjoys learning and has mastered everything from operating a line to various types of equipment and machinery. In 2019, Felix was recognized as Equipment Operator of the Year for the Eastern Region.

Scott Slavick headshot
Scott Slavick

Scott Slavick’s career with Casella has grown steadily since 1999 as a Helper in our Geneva Collection Division to his current oversight of multiple facilities in Central New York. Scott was recognized in 2019 as the Operations Manager of the Year for the Western Region, and was recently promoted to General Manager.

Irma Deleon headshot
Irma Deleon

Irma Deleon began her career with Casella working as a sorter in 1996 and has found her niche as a Line Supervisor in our Charlestown Recycling Facility. Irma enjoys providing employees with resources to help them overcome personal challenges. She finds great joy in working to help others be their best.

Brian Groshon headshot
Brian Groshon

Army Veteran, Brian Groshon discovered Casella through our Military Hiring Program in 2013 during his transition to the civilian workforce. He completed our Operations Training Program and has continued to advance to become the Assistant General Manager at our Salem, NH division. Brian enjoys coaching and mentoring his employees to succeed in their careers with Casella.

Shahbaz Soofi headshot
Shahbaz Soofi

Shahbaz Soofi joined Casella as a Sustainability Analyst, responsible for tracking the company’s environmental and social impacts. With support from Casella, he is pursuing a dual MS/MBA in Climate Science and Policy and Sustainability from The Bard Center for Environmental Policy. Shahbaz is the founder and co-host of Casella’s “Beyond the Bin” podcast.

Peter Gorczok headshot
Peter Gorczok

Peter Gorczok, a retired Army Veteran, brought his commitment to lead and selflessly serve others to his career at Casella. He began his career working in dispatch for our Waterville, ME Division, later becoming the Operations Manager for our Hermon, ME Division. Peter was recognized as the 2016 Operations Manager of the Year for the Eastern Region.

Maria Henriquez headshot
Maria Henriquez

Maria Henriquez has been with Casella for 21 years, starting as a sorter in the Charlestown, MA Recycling Facility. After working in a variety of positions, Maria discovered her perfect fit, a skid steer operator, a position for which she received the 2019 Load Operator of the Year for Resource Solutions Recycling Operations.

Chris Bales headshot
Chris Bales

Chris Bales began his career as an environmental educator and municipal recycling manager. He found his niche as a Product Specialist in Maine where he distributes compost, mulches, and soil amendments made from municipal and industrial byproducts. In the fall, Chris can be spotted in his pickup with a giant pumpkin grown using Casella’s earthlife brand of products.

Winston Ash headshot
Winston Ash

Winston Ash joined Casella in 2016 as the General Manager for our Rockland County Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and now leads our Albany Recycling Facility. Winston finds tremendous joy in teaching employees how to do their jobs and to take pride in their work and the results they achieve.