Appendix A: Report Development

We prepared this report over the course of 2020. In this, our fifth full Sustainability Report, we remain focused on the same six stakeholder groups (Employees, Customers, Communities, Investors, Government, and Supply Chain) and within the same scope and boundaries (Organizational Control) as in prior years.

This year’s process began with a more formalized GRI materiality assessment focused on identifying the material topics for inclusion in our sustainability reporting. The process consisted of an online survey sent to approximately 200 internal stakeholders and 70 external stakeholders, with a response rate of over 40%. The online survey was supplemented with nine stakeholder interviews.

The five material topic areas identified through that process are: essential workers, materials management, sustainable operations, climate leadership, and community engagement. These five topic areas provide the framework for our report, which was further developed with direct input from leaders representing multiple functions throughout our organization. Performance indicator data were compiled by the Sustainability Team. Casella’s Director of Sustainability leads our biennial report development process.

We value the input we receive from our key internal stakeholders during the reporting process, and we are actively working on expanding our reach to solicit input from a broader range of stakeholders in our report development process. Our plan for implementing a more robust and comprehensive stakeholder engagement process is explained further in Appendix B.

We issue our reports biennially. In off years, we release a performance indicator scorecard and issue a brief interim update

Appendix B: Stakeholder Engagement

Upon issuing each biennial sustainability report, we work to actively engage members of each of our six key stakeholder groups: Employees, Customers, Communities, Investors, Government, and Supply Chain. We conduct this outreach via multiple channels including meetings, webinars, public events, facility tours, and social media. We value sharing our sustainability journey with these stakeholders and drawing upon their insight and feedback to continuously improve our performance.

Appendix C: Environmental Policy

Casella Environmental Policy

It is Casella’s policy to protect the environment and advance sustainable resource management in all that we do. We provide essential services that protect public health and the environment. We are committed to delivering solutions that are truly – environmentally, socially, and economically – sustainable. Where truly sustainable solutions do not yet exist, we are committed to helping to develop them.

Our most significant environmental impacts derive from our stewardship of society’s resources: The recyclables we recover reduce the need for global resource extraction. The organics we recover help to rebuild depleted soils or yield renewable energy.

The products we dispose are securely contained and sequestered. The environmental impacts over which we have the most direct control relate to the selection, construction, maintenance, and/or operation of safe and compliant facilities and vehicles. We also drive environmental sustainability through our corporate strategy, capital allocation, and active development of sustainable business models.

Every Casella employee is responsible for protecting and improving the environment, whether by growing our resource solutions services, maintaining regulatory compliance, or identifying opportunities for continuous improvement and innovation in service of the environment.

Adhering to our environmental policy simultaneously benefits the environment and our business. It promotes regulatory compliance and helps us manage risk. Viewing our business through an environmental lens helps us identify opportunities for growth and competitive advantage.

These seven key Environmental Leadership Statements serve as overarching tenets in implementing our environmental policy:

Resource Conservation and Renewal

We develop and deliver resource solutions – including recycling services, organics services, energy capture, and more – to help society meet its sustainable resource management goals.

Environmental Compliance

We employ engineering and environmental professionals to support our facilities and compliance programs in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and company goals. We use technology to measure and track our performance, and to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Air and Climate Protection

We protect our air resources and the global climate by measuring, calculating, reporting, and controlling the emissions from our operations, facilities, vehicles, and equipment. Through strategies such as landfill gas capture and fleet upgrades, we substantially reduce our emissions.

Water Protection

We protect water resources through responsible stormwater management, petroleum handling, preventive maintenance, and leachate management. Training and best management practices ensure we are prepared to promptly respond to any release and take appropriate corrective action.

Land Protection

We benefit land resources through organics recovery operations that rebuild soil and through waste reduction and recycling operations that reduce global resource extraction. We minimize our direct impact on the land through extensive environmental best practices at each of our solid waste facilities. Where possible, we work to improve the land through habitat and pollinator projects.

Community Engagement

We exist to be of service to our community. The Casella community is made up of our employees, customers, neighbors, and other business partners. Sustainable growth requires that we meaningfully engage with and create shared value for these stakeholders. Through a combination of volunteerism, education, and corporate giving, Casella contributes to sustainable communities throughout its operating footprint and beyond.

Leadership and Continuous Improvement

Casella does not claim to be perfect. When we make a mistake or fall short of perfect compliance, we are committed to responding promptly, communicating transparently, and learning from the experience. Similarly, we don’t claim to be omniscient. As society’s understanding of environmental science and sustainability evolves, we are committed to learning, adapting, and being on the leading edge of emerging technologies and environmental management practices.

Appendix D: Corporate Governance

The day-to-day business at Casella is carried out by our employees under the direction and leadership of our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John W. Casella. Led by Lead Director Joseph Doody, the Casella Board of Directors:

  • Reviews the company’s performance, strategies, and major decisions
  • Provides oversight of the company’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, enterprise risk management, and the integrity of our financial statements
  • Provides management oversight including review of the Chief Executive Officer’s performance and succession planning for key management roles
  • Provides oversight relating to compensation for the Chief Executive Officer, key executives, and the Board, as well as oversight of compensation policies and programs for all employees.

Board Committees

Our Board has three standing committees–audit, compensation, and nominations & governance– each of which operates under a Board-approved charter. The compensation committee has a stock plan subcommittee. Our Board has determined that all of the committee and subcommittee members are independent as defined under the rules of the NASDAQ stock market. Our corporate governance guidelines, committee charters, code of ethical business conduct, and other governance materials are available on the investor relations page of the Casella corporate website.

Board Leadership Structure

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, John W. Casella, is also Chief Executive Officer. We believe that our Chief Executive Officer is best situated to serve as Chairman of our Board because he is the director most familiar with our business and industry and is therefore best positioned, collectively with the Lead Director, to establish the Board’s agenda and fulfill the other responsibilities of the Chairman of the Board. As our Chief Executive Officer since 1993, Mr. John Casella has been an integral part of the leadership of our Board and his strategic vision has helped to guide our growth and performance. Our Board believes that its leadership structure is appropriate because it strikes an effective balance between strategy development and independent leadership and management oversight in the Board process.

Communicating with the Independent Directors

Our Board gives appropriate attention to written communications submitted by stockholders. Our Lead Outside Director, with the assistance of our general counsel, is primarily responsible for monitoring communications from stockholders and for providing copies or summaries to the other directors as he considers appropriate. Communications are forwarded to all directors if they relate to important substantive matters and include suggestions or comments that the Lead Outside Director considers to be important for the directors to know. In general, communications relating to corporate governance and long-term corporate strategy are more likely to be forwarded. Stockholders who wish to send communications to our Board may address such communications to:

Board of Directors, c/o Corporate Secretary

Casella Waste Systems, Inc.

25 Greens Hill Lane

Rutland, VT 05701

Casella maintains a MySafeWorkPlace incident reporting phone line staffed by an independent third party. Individuals can make anonymous reports to MySafeWorkPlace through a toll-free number or via the Casella corporate website to report accounting discrepancies, ethics violations, fraud, theft, harassment, and workplace and fleet safety concerns. We encourage good faith reporting of all concerns and prohibit the retaliation for submission of an incident report. MySafeWorkPlace contact information is included in our employee manual, on the company’s intranet, and on posters displayed at our facilities.

Appendix E: Memberships & Organizations

Casella is a member of or collaborates with the following organizations.


National Recycling Coalition National Waste & Recycling Association NWRA Future Industry Leaders Alliance NWRA Women’s Council Association of Post-Consumer Plastic Recyclers Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) Product Stewardship Institute Water Environment Federation Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) US Composting Council American Biogas Council Biomass Power Association United Way Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM)


Northeast Recycling Coalition
Northeast Resource Recovery Association
SWANA Northern New England Chapter
Environmental Business Council of New England
Goodwill of Northern New England
North East Biosolids and Residuals Association
Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Association
New England Water Environment Association
New England Nursery Association, Inc.
New England Water Environment Association, Inc.
New England Sports Turf Managers Association
Eastern Paper Mill Suppliers Association
Northeast Human Resources Association (NEHRA)


Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce
Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce
Associated Builders and Contractors, Massachusetts Chapter
Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association
Asian American Civic Association


Vermont Council on Rural Development
Vermont Chamber of Commerce
Vermont Truck and Bus Association
Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility
Association of Builders and Contracts VT
Vermont Human Resources Association (VTHRA)
Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)
Champlain Valley Farmer Coalition, Inc.


Maine Chamber of Commerce
Maine Water Environment Association
Maine Rural Water Association
Maine Farm Bureau
Maine Landscape and Nursery Association
Maine Renewable Energy Association
Maine Pulp and Paper Association
Maine Organic Farmers’ Association
Maine Business for Social Responsibility
Maine Municipal Association
Maine Resource Recovery Association
Maine Aggregate Association
Associated Builders and Contractors of Maine
Environment and Energy Technical Association
Maine Motor Transport Association

New Hampshire

Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire
New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility
Association of Builders and Contractors
NH New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association
New Hampshire Home Builders Association

New York

New York State Association for Solid Waste Management
New York State Solid Waste Federation
New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling
New York Water Environment Association
Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Association
New York Farm Bureau
New York Corn and Soybean Growers Association
Rail Operators of New York Association